Poor Rocks Allegory

We don’t know how and when man got out of his primary prison. There have been lots of myths, much speculation. Certainly, there existed striking events in the course of evolution of the humankind. But the question of the catalytic transition, namely the divergence from the ape lineage towards a humanlike spieces, still remains an obscure matter of science.

There have always been stones, even monolithic stones, out there. There are plenty of them in Ithaca and elsewhere, yet Odyssey is not about Ithaca’s menhirs. Actually, Ulysses avoided dealing with rocks; instead it was Cyclops who used the stone for striking. Literature and ships have been crucial to the evolution of the very man, and Ulysses was a literate sailorman.

Nowadays, mankind, the corporate humanity to be presice, exhibits an ever-growing aspiration to invade the rocky surfaces, while directing public interest to stones, whether natural, extra-terrestrial or artificial. It is supposed that we are experienced enough, in depth cultured and technologically capable so as to proceed wisely to the re-establishment of man within and with relation to his vital environment. So far, our achievements are deemed to be sufficient to provide the means that would at least intoduce us to the foyer of Paradise.

Why do we need to think of human life on Mars or on the Moon? What would be the capitalization or the evolutionaty leap for the entire Earth population? People on Earth need valleys, rivers, mountains, trees and so on. Why should fantasy be a massive (ad)venture in terms of reality, whereas our weaponry proved to be unprepared and incapable to confront a certain threat of a miniscule and symbiotic agent?

I am afraid we are speedily moving towards the rocks. We are in front of the rocks; and we all should realize that rocks are unavoidable. So, the only literature capable to describe what is going on and what will shortly happen is the Literature of the Rocks. The harsh truth requires allegory in order to be conveyed. And the only allegory that fits into deserted times is the Poor Allegory of Rocks. The magic that the rocks are portrayed with is just for the convenience of the story.

Rocks matter when it comes to heart matters, sailing, and symbolism of common belief. Yet rocks can never be pursued as a desired terminal in secular life. The so-called New World Order and the whole new life that promises is simply a notional establishment. Actually, it is about an amateur stratagem and a concealed Requiem for the Creature of Humanity on History. A simple rock, whatever it might be, even an array of stones, can hardly serve the unity of Humanity. Besides, has such a kind of unity ever existed?

[«…οὐδὲν γὰρ κωλύει ἐνίοτε ταὐτὸ συμφέρειν τοῖς ἐναντίοις· ὅθεν λέγεται ὡς τὰ κακὰ συνάγει τοὺς ἀνθρώπους, ὅταν ᾖ ταὐτὸ βλαβερὸν ἀμφοῖν.» Aristotle’s Rhetoric]

Labyrinth / Mars Field Gallery

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